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Sun, Oct 31


Nourishing Journey, LLC

Divine Light Transformations with Michael Abramson

3 unique Healings to help EMPOWER and LIBERATE and create ALIGNMENT on one's Individual Ascension, supporting Conscious Growth and our Planetary Evolution.

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Divine Light Transformations with Michael Abramson
Divine Light Transformations with Michael Abramson

Time & Location

Oct 31, 2021, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Nourishing Journey, LLC, 8975 Guilford Rd Suite 170, Columbia, MD 21046, USA

About the event


***BY ADVANCED APPOINTMENT ONLY: Please email Michael at to schedule your healing session.***

“Divine Light Transformation” Video:

Special GRATITUDE to Jennifer Palmer for welcoming me to be of Service to The Light Community in Columbia MD

"Divine Light Transformations" are 3 unique Healings to help EMPOWER and LIBERATE and create ALIGNMENT on one's Individual Ascension, supporting Conscious Growth and our Planetary Evolution. Each and every being is at different levels in their spiritual journey. Some just need to be Hearted as they are going through the transformation while others are ready to run off with their Divine Empowerment and dive deep into their personal growth. Thus kindly read each Healing to see which one resonates with you most in the best way I can be of the highest Healing Service to you. Here is a short video on these three sacred healings I am offering

"ArchAngel Michael Transformational Healing" (in-person)

In this sacred 90-minute Transformational Healing session directly guided and channeled by ArchAngel Michael, the use of Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing, Conscious Breathing, Vocal Sounds, Shamanic Healing, Crystals, and Far-Infrared Technology is used with assistance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Higher Councils and Orders to tap into their own Divine Power. This Transcended Healing Session takes the individual on a journey to release old beliefs, conditions, programming, and traumatic events thru breath and sound, liberating lifetimes of pain and suffering that have been stored in the hands and feet. It empowers, and awakens the individual to his/her highest state of being, activating one's innate spiritual gifts. Through releasing the dormant and unexpressed energies trapped in the physical, mental, and emotional the 5th-dimensional frequency freely flows through the person's body and anchors into the Christ Conscious grid of the New Earth. This healing is for individuals doing their inner work and are READY to take responsibility for ACTIVELY letting go of the emotional and mental blockages that are limiting one's sacred well being.

"Multi-Dimensional Attunement" via Acupuncture and Shamanic Massage (in-person)

Awakening the Qi and illuminating the light from within the spirit, this powerful 90-minute multidimensional healing, revitalizes, recharges, and rebalances one's light body and field of consciousness to support their highest state of health and well being in the Ascension Process. Through the use of Acupuncture physically and etherically, combined with Specialized Light Body Massage, Chakra Alignment, Crystals, and Shamanic Clearing, ones ESSENCE is strengthened, nourished, and rejuvenated back into complete balance allowing the universal QI to flow properly within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. This profound RESTORATIVE HEALING supports all levels as they connect to their higher self and their universal balance from within. This sacred healing helps expand your consciousness while grounding and anchoring the light within you. This unique healing is dedicated for anyone at any stage in their Ascension journey to help energize, tonify, and harmonize one's sacred well being.

"Sacred Divine Heart Listening" (in-person or via Skype)

In this 90 minute in-person or Skype video healing session, I welcome you to find the strength in the voice of your heart, allowing you to openly express and liberate all the heaviness and pain that sits on your chest. I will listen to you as no one has ever listened to you before so that you can feel the freedom to FULLY SHARE everything that has been the creating pain within you, giving the power back to you. I will then take you on a guided journey to your own inner sacred inner flame to transform what no longer serves you. I am a safe space holder that is here to create a sacred place giving the voice to your heart, not to your head. For there is a sacred calling now to awaken our hearts and feel the divine power of our unique divine expression that so many of us have lived from. Sacred Divine Heart Listening is truly an art of unconditionally listening to one's presence by being the holder of the Sacred Divine Masculine in creating TRUST, SAFTEY, and SECURITY so individuals can express the deepest essence of their truth in ways they could have never imagined to feel acceptance. This healing is for individuals to be liberated in their "BEING-NESS" and fullest expression of their heart while being held in highest honor, love, and respect.

Love Gift Offering as your form of exchange for this Healing session

I have been guided by my HIGHER TEAM OF ANGELS AND ASCENDED MASTERS to bring forth the transformational energy of TRUE ABUNDANCE to the current financial system through LOVE, BLESSINGS & PRAYERS as a way of Living from 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Instead of having a set fee or telling you what to pay for this sacred healing, the DIVINE POWER is being given back to you to access from within your sacred golden heart as to you OFFER (not what you can AFFORD, not what you THINK and not seeing me as CHARITY case) but what you truly feel GUIDED FROM WITHIN so you can empower the VOICE FROM YOUR HEART in exchange for the powerful Transformational Life-Changing Experience. As an Ascension Alchemist, I am asked to lead by bringing the NEW HIGHER CONSCIOUS WAYS OF LIVING that is for the HIGHER GOOD OF ALL in my services with those that take part. Together we are part of shifting the old limiting energies of the financial system into Gratitude, Love, and Joy. In doing this, you are Actively Transmuting and Clearing the financial limitations within yourself, from this lifetime, and other lifetimes while expanding the awareness of the collective consciousness. Once you have received the guided amount, kindly hold the cash amount into your hands placing it over your heart and pour your GRATITUDE, BLESSINGS, and LOVE into it so you RECEIVE this in your own life, while HONORING my SERVICE to Humanity and the Planet as well as CHANGING THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM FOR EVERYONE. Your LOVE GIFT OFFERING goes far to support me and my partners' Higher Mission in getting to locations and serving Communities of Light throughout this word. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your active part in the NEW HIGHER CONSCIOUS WAYS OF LIVING on Gaia.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Michael Abramson

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