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Keto: Lose Weight Without the Cravings and Hunger

Interested in learning how you could lose some weight without the excessive hunger and cravings that accompany dieting? Let’s talk keto!

To put it simply, the ketogenic program encourages you to eat fat to lose fat. Eating “the keto way” allows your body to be a fat-burning machine, using all that delicious fat for your primary energy source instead of carbohydrates. It’s essentially a whole foods lifestyle without all the starches that lead to inflammation and weight loss resistance. The myth that eating fat will make you fat has been debunked—carbs and sugar are the real culprits to health.

Along with weight loss, other benefits of eating ketogenically include: • Sustained energy levels • Heightened focus and mental acuity • Better appetite control and decreased cravings • Improved skin health • More effortless digestion • Balanced blood sugar • Improved health markers (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose) Based on my extensive experience coaching clients on the ketogenic lifestyle, I’ve seen these benefits become realized time and time again. I’ve also seen these benefits firsthand. Once suffering from wildly overactive hunger and binge eating issues as a vegetarian, I was able to “tame the beast” by adding more (OK, a lot more!) healthy fats and protein to my daily food choices, while limiting my carb intake. And in doing so I dropped some weight along the way! Keeping in mind that the weight loss process is unique for each person, it’s imperative to look at the other variables of successful weight loss and maintenance too, like sleep, stress, activity levels, hormone balance, digestive health, and emotional wellness.

Nurturing the whole body AND mind is key to lasting change... so allow me to guide you on your journey. We invite you to come in for holistic weight loss and rejuvenation in a healing space. Check out my profile and give us a call!

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