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What others are saying about us

“You touch lives, you heal hearts, you expand minds, you guide souls, you awaken spirits, you offer a nourishing journey and you walk with so many thru some deep [stuff] yet you are filled with such passion, love, care, belief, wisdom, kindness, light and grace.”

"Although the services I've received at Nourishing Journey (floats and a foot bath) were excellent, their biggest asset is their staff. They are all friendly, professional and kind. Their facility is also nice: spotless and soothing."

"Beautiful place, wonderful healing experiences especially the reflexology massage."

"Best massage! Highly recommend this location"

"This place is definitely a hidden gem 💎 that i will now be visiting often and already set an appointment once a week. Lorett was amazing ihad an ionic footbath done and her energy is beautiful and contagious. Entering in Nourishing Journey it was very clean and peaceful the staff is amazing."

"Loved my smoothie, wrap & muffin today!"

"Love this place. The staff here is knowledgeable and services are great!"

"I think I just experienced the best massage of my life. Jessica was amazing!"


"My experience was awesome. The staff was very friendly and professional. Helpful and so intuitive."

I had the best treatment session with Dr. Le Blanc!!!  I am a colon cancer survivor and a busy mom of three.  I have been having recurrent knee pain that can be debilitating at times.  It's hard to have down time to heal with three kids.  In addition, I live in fear that every ache and pain may signify a recurrence of my cancer.  My treatment session with Dr. Le Blanc provided immediate pain relief.  Before my session, my knee pain had gotten so bad the days before that I had to take some narcotic pain meds which I reserve only for the worst pain.  My session with Dr. Le Blanc worked better than a percocet!  I was completely pain free!  In addition, Dr. Le Blanc also provided some energy fortification treatment to help maintain my health and provided reassurance. This meant the world to me as a cancer survivor.  Because of her care, I am able to keep up with my kids and create fun memories playing with them."

"Rachel was attentive, and the space is very inviting."

"FANTASTIC gem in the rough!!!! Amazing wellness services, gift shop & darling organic cafe on site with had crafted smoothies, sandwiches, salads and other wholesome snacks including Bulletproof brand coffee!!!!"

"Thank you Jessica Ruhl!  What an awesome massage!"

"This was my first time doing any sort of guided meditation, and I'm so glad I decided to try it!  Nancy made me feel at ease and her personal message was spot on.  Thank you for being so welcoming and providing some much needed guidance!"

"First time experiencing manual lymph drainage massage and it was the most pleasurable experience!  Kind and informative staff.  I will return!"

"The best reflexology I ever had! The ionic foot bath was also interesting and educational! Hope it did what it claims it do!"

“I want to be perfectly honest—I don’t know what I (or my entire family for that matter) would have done without Jenn Palmer.  She is the soul of compassion, wisdom, integrity and so much more.  Jenn’s combination of compassion along with her energy sensing/healing abilities (which are huge) is awesome, amazing and profound.  Her energy sessions have helped me not only heal physically but also emotionally and spiritually.  When there were periods of storms going on in my life recently, Jenn was there to help me make sense of it all and helped me to actually heal and grow as a person.  My entire family now goes to Jenn, and I even recommended her to my mom-in-law!  And my mom-in-law couldn’t stop singing her praises once she went to her.  Jenn is quite simply, the best!!!”

"Very nice people. Ionic foot bath extremely invigorating. I want to go again."

“I had a 15 minute “mini-session” with the ionic footbath here.  It pulled out 3-D, foamy, deeply varied colored toxins.  A month or 2 later, I wanted the same experience so I went to my local spa for a 30 minute footbath.  The results were much less dramatic.  The practitioner at the local place decided to try to buy a new one, the brand Nourishing Journey uses, once she saw the pictures of my results here.  No comparison!"

"My experience was awesome! I can't wait to return."

“Hi Jennifer!  Just wanted to send a note letting you know how impressed my daughter & I were of your facilities & the work you are doing there.  We weren’t sure what to expect but are both VERY happy with the results & appreciated the level of positive energy that we experienced. We will definitely be back & will spread the word.  Thank you also for all of the wonderful information you provided.  You & your family are very special people!”

“My day of detox at Nourishing Journey was wonderful! Jennifer managed to fit so many healing treatments into our time together, and was very supportive of me during the process. She was very knowledgeable and instantly put me at ease. The time went quickly as I moved from one activity to the next. I feel like I’ve been nourished in body, mind, and spirit. It was the perfect way to jump-start my health program and I intend to do another detox in the spring.”

“The detox week was FANTASTIC.  It was part luxurious and part hard work.  I learned so much and felt so well cared for.  Thank you so much for your loving and perceptive care.  Thank you for all your professional planning and creativity on my behalf.”

“Great Experience with Rosemary first time!”

“Rosemary is gentle, compassionate, confident and knows what she’s doing!”

“Nancy Andrews is the best!  She rocks!”

“Having the opportunity to work with Jennifer in the 12 week program was a prayer for healing being answered. Dealing with symptoms of an autoimmune condition, I found that many aspects of my life were negatively impacted. Jennifer walks step by step with you through this incredible protocol, that places the power of healing in your own hands.  She combines food therapy, emotional and physical detoxification and spiritual healing in a graceful and concise way. Jennifer’s approach to healing is pure, wise and nurturing, is beautifully well rounded and is by far the most holistic that I’ve experienced. Her energy work is the most advanced in sensing and clearing. Thank you for your devotion to healing and sharing your bright light.”

“In just three months, Jennifer has helped me take quantum leaps in healing. She individualized a detox program to accelerate the healing of mold and Lyme. Her Zyto machine helped us both see the progress and determine what else may be needed. These supports for the physical body were life altering, but for me the most powerful work of all is Jennifer’s healing energy treatments! She helped me face one of the deepest patterns that has kept this illness alive. With the grace of her energy work and her utmost compassion, I am in the process of beginning a new way to be on this planet.”

“Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable in so many healing modalities. I have received various treatments from her. As well, I have studied Reiki with her. She is one of the most patient, professional, and gifted people that I know in her field. Anyone who works with her, or for her, should be honored by the privilege of doing so.”

“Holistic Metamorphosis treatment was great.”

“Nourishing Journey is an oasis of hope moving through a period of incredible transformations and upheaval in the world. It’s become the spiritual hub for the state of Maryland and is constantly growing. There are a large variety of events, classes and meditations constantly being offered. There are a whole host of incredibly talented energy healers who all compliment each other, and on top of that it’s also a detox center. Jenn, the owner, and all of the people who work at NJ are some of the most admirable, hospitable, and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Nourishing Journey has been a cornerstone in my life for the past year and been an invaluable and irreplaceable place during a time of major transformation for me, and I know there are many others who can say the same. Thank you x 1,000,000,000 to Jenn, Lorraine, and the entire NJ team. This place is amazing and is only getting better. Much love.”

“I still feel great after my Reiki Master class yesterday with Jennifer Palmer at Nourishing Journey. I walked in randomly in May and each time I go it is just as peaceful and wonderful as the first time. The community there is a little more like a second home than a business. Those who work there truly care for those they serve. I hope that I can continue to grow in 2014 and the positive will continue to flow.”

“It was a very relaxing and peace full place as well as massage. I’m 7months pregnant and recommend the relaxing pregnancy massage. Also good if your looking for wellness instead of a busy spa :)”

“I love coming to Jess for massages and love to come to Jennifer for Access Bars.  My son really has benefitted from [homeopathic detox] and Jen is great with kids.”

“Nourishing Journey is the place for spirit, oneness, healing and prosperity.  I am hopeful it will prosper and grow to cover all of Maryland.  This conscious business heals the earth.  I particularly appreciate Jessica’s Reiki and massage and Jen’s Reiki share and Penny’s spiritual circle.”

“Great place for the family!  Both my young kids (11 and 15) come to get services from Jen, Jessica and Ann Marie.  Energy healing has been a blessing to our family!”

“Jenn is amazing with her intuitive body scans! Jenn can sense (without being told ahead of time!) what health issues are going on. She can also sense how sometimes emotions and past relationships can be currently impacting the body, and I was surprised how spot on she was with me with stuff like that! I was so impressed with her abilities that I recommended her to my mom-in-law. My mom-in-law ended up going and was also very impressed with what she sensed and found! Thank you Jenn!”

“Jen is amazing and very knowledgeable about a host of health related topics. I really enjoyed the detox series…”

“Lymphatic Drainage was a wonderful experience!”

“Jessica gives a great massage!”

“Jennifer, thank you so much for the Reiki treatment last week.  It was unbelievable. I have been meditating for over 30 years and, on occasion, I am able to get into a wonderful state of bliss and peace but it usually only lasts for a few hours.  Since your treatment I have been in that same state for days and I can hardly believe it. I am literally in a state of wonder.  Plus over the holidays I had been exhausted from all the activities and helping a family member get over a serious cold that lasted 6 weeks.  After your treatment I was filled with so much energy and I really happy to be getting back to my normal self again.  Can’t thank you enough. You are truly an angel.  Don’t think you know how good you are as a Reiki healer.  I am really looking forward to your next treatment.”

“fantastic massage and great customer service!”

“Jessica was excellent!”

“Jennifer was great! She was very thorough at explaining each procedure. My aunt and I will definitely go back.”

“This place is amazing and I wish I knew about it sooner!”

“Easy-to-find location, lovely office suite and Jessica was an excellent masseuse.”

“Very friendly and informative.  Made me feel comfortable in what could be an awkward situation.”

“Jessica is a very good massage therapist and is very personable. I really enjoyed my visit.”

“Jessica for massage was wonderful and Jennifer is irreplaceable. Definitely going back.”

“Nice facility. Jackie was great.”

“Jessica gave a fantastic massage…I’ll definitely recommend her to my friends!”

“LOVED! I used it [living social] this afternoon and feel fabulous! Can’t wait to go again.”

“This spa is tucked away & you would not even know that it is there. It is a gem literally hidden away. The massage was wonderful & very relaxing. I would definitely go again!”

“The massage was great and the place was very clean and fashionable!!! Very impressive!”

“I had an excellent experience … would rate 100%”

“The atmosphere was very peaceful. The practitioner was Very knowledgeable and eager to assist. Family owned business….very intimate(personal) setting. You definitely get the impression of they love what the do and put a lot of energy into the business. The offer a wide variety of services and seem very dedicated to wellness. I would highly recommend Nourishing Journey to anyone and will definitely go back.”

“I was simply amazed by what all was shared today in the class! It was truly a blessing to see and feel the changes Reiki can make in even a short amount of time. Jennifer was truly excellent while teaching and helping us learn to use the skills! I was also glad to meet everyone that attended! The ladies were all so nice and friendly! I would definitely recommend the class to others and plan on taking Level II in June!”

“The massage was awesome and I highly recommend Nourishing Journey.”

“So my wife just LOVES you guys, she came back in heaven. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Excellent and I will be back!”

“Swedish massage felt like heaven – thanks Jessica!!”

“My therapist (Jessica) was the best I’ve ever had. She was very professional, extremely courteous and very thorough. I left wanting more. I’m interesting in obtaining a monthly service plan. It was AWESOME!”

“After receiving a session with Jennifer where she used the Access Consciousness Bars, I could feel a shift in my thought processes.  It felt like all those old beliefs that were locked in my brain were released.  The experience was relaxing, and empowering.  It’s allowed me to see my life from a different perspective.  Thank you so much!”

“I can highly recommend Janis Wasser’s cranial sacral therapy.  I especially appreciate her infusing Reiki with the cranial sacral therapy for a more enhanced healing session.  Her cranial sacral therapy helps me so much with stress relief.  She has helped our family and she is really good with kids.”

“I have to tell you, the work you do is amazing.  In the short period of time I have been coming to see you, I actually see physical changes and feel emotional changes in myself that I have to do a double take on and feel a great sense of hope and knowing that I am working on coming into balance and know this is what I want for my daughter too.  I feel very grateful for coming into contact with you and Melissa.  What you do really makes a difference in peoples lives!”

“Thanks for introducing Access Bars to me.  After the session, I just felt like the whole world was lifted off my shoulders.  The energy shift is not only felt by me but by my family.  Since my stress level has gown down, so has the negative interaction that existed in my family.   I highly recommend this to everyone who feel stuck, stress, or exhausted with their life circumstances.  The greatest part of this is my improved relationship with my daughter.   Thank you Jenn!”

“I have a surgery date scheduled, but my knee is functioning so well now (after my Asyra balance) that I am not sure I will pursue surgery at this time.”

“Jennifer Palmer is currently working with my two children, 13 yr old daughter emotionally charged teenager with attention deficit and 8 yr old son diagnosed with autism.  Within a week of taking the recommended remedy, we are seeing noticeable changes in my daughter – emotionally.  She is more peaceful, calm, and willing to work on issues with me and my husband. Our son who is much affected with autism is more calm, focused, and engaged with activities in his class.  Teachers have noticed this as well.  After years of taking many supplements recommended by doctors, we have been able to slowly reduce them as he no longer needs them.  I am excited to continue on this journey with Jennifer and appreciate her insight to helping my children.”

“My son, Ryan, who suffers from depression and digestive issues has found noticeable relief from his depression after seeing Jenn Palmer for a couple of months now for Reiki Therapy.  I don’t completely understand how it works but seeing is believing.  He is a happier person after he has gotten Reiki Therapy.  Jenn Palmer is truly a caring and gifted healer.”

“I’ve been working with Jenn on improving my personal overall health.  Her broad knowledge and kind demeanor put you on a path to long term healing. Whether it’s homeopathy, Reiki, mercury or general detox, or nutritional guidance, I am in good hands and feel the results.”

“I began seeing Jenn Palmer of Nourishing Journey for Reiki. After just one session, a pain I was experiencing in my right shoulder/back began to subside dramatically. Because of my success I decided to bring my autistic son to Jenn for homeopathic consult and footbath detoxification. We began seeing improvement with his cognitive functions and when my youngest son began to get ill, I had Jenn give him a homeopathic remedy which stopped the progress of the illness. We will continue to use Jenn for our general health.”

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