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About Us

Our Mission

We all have our own individual challenges when it comes to our health and well-being.  Whether you are an avid natural health adventurer, or just starting to see the potential benefits, there will always be a path in front of you.  How you travel down that path is a decision, a choice.

No matter where you are in your journey, the choice to live a vibrant life is only and always one step away.  Each day brings a new beginning and an opportunity for growth and healing.


Our mission is to help you feel better when you walk out of Nourishing Journey than you did when you walked in.  We are here to help you make short term and long term changes to help you make the most of your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We utilize amazing services to help you such as massage, reiki, reflexology, detox services, counseling, acupuncture and so much more.

How Vibrant Feels

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be truly healthy in every part of your being?  Have you felt the freedom that a vibrant life and body can give you?  Most of us have never experienced all that we can be.


A vibrant person

  • Has steady energy and stamina

  • Sleeps soundly through the night

  • Wakes refreshed and energized

  • Has a generally positive outlook

  • Moves fluidly with little or no pain

  • Rarely gets sick with a cold or flu

  • Recovers quickly if they do get sick

  • Feels good about who they are

  • Has an internal sense of peace

  • Feels purpose in all that they do

  • Easily flows with life’s rhythm


  • "The space is beautiful, the food & drinks are amazing, and the staff are so attentive and make you feel like home."

  • "Amazing place, staff and facility! Excited to come here and had a great experience with every service I’ve done."

  • "Nourishing Journey is my happy place <3 "

  • "There’s a very welcoming atmosphere at NJ and the practitioners I’ve seen so far have been absolutely wonderful!"

  • "Nourishing Journey is a top-notch wellness center."

  • "Diverse set of services offered & facilities. The Cafe is a great plus as well."

  • "I love everything about this place! The atmosphere is so relaxing, and the staff are very friendly. Plus, the Cafe has great food! I highly recommend Nourishing Journey to anyone who cares about their health."

  • "My massage was wonderful! Nourishing Journey takes a lot of steps to make sure we are safe, and the practitioners really work hard for the well-being of their clients."

  • "Jennifer the owner is simply amazing. She has created a warm and beautiful space for healing. The energy and people there are wonderful, kind and supportive."

  • "It's a special place with people who genuinely care about helping others."

  • "I love the atmosphere at Nourishing Journey. They offer many services, and everything is clean and it's quiet. The cafe has phenomenal food. For my service which was hydrotherapy, Jenn is very attentive and checks on you every 10 minutes."

  • "The NJ team is all High Vibe. You are approached with warmth and compassion every time you walk through the door. They love what they do, and it shows in their work."

  • "I felt welcomed, it was a very relaxing and private, Jennifer was very available if we needed her, and the cafe has so many options if someone is thirsty or hungry!"

  • "From the receptionist to the providers the level of care concern and professionalism were above and beyond my expectations."

  • "10 is the best right? Because we need more places like NJ in our communities. A place for healing friendship and community"

  • "The desk clerk was friendly and helpful. The facility is beautiful. The posting for upcoming events is well organized. The shop has nice items."

  • "Beautiful offices with cafe and many modalities to choose from. Took a wonderful and informative class there. Highly recommend."

  • "Nourishing Journey has been a life saver for me! I love everything about it from the massages to the energy work, the classes and the food at the cafe. The staff is awesome!!!"

  • “I enjoyed taking a little time to not worry about anything. I feel the staff is knowledgeable and does a good job of making sure that the clients' needs are addressed.”

  • "I am a repeat visitor to Nourishing Journey. The practitioners are extremely gifted. I will refer all of my friends"

  • "Love love love Nourishing Journey. It is a place where you can feed your body and spirit with good energy and nutrients."

  • "I always love my visits to Nourishing Journey. Very calm, relaxing space with so many services to help you be well and have a little peace of mind. I always feel relaxed, at ease and ready to conquer the world."

  • "Nourishing Journey is like family, always there for you, even during a pandemic. Jessica's lymphatic drainage massage is a lifesaver, Jennifer's energy work brings profound healing, and the Cafe staff is friendly and always ready to prepare a healthy Golden Zen Smoothie for me. I am extremely grateful for Nourishing Journey and all the people who make it so magical and such a safe harbor. Thank you. <3 "

  • "I experienced such a powerful release of energy I've held onto from clients and at such an affordable rate! Also the channeled messages from Jacob were a very nice addition! The dedication from all 3 healers was far beyond the call of duty "

  • “I picked 10/10 because the service was wonderful from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. I already recommended people to try it out.”

  • "Stuffed avocado at the cafe is to die for. Literally nothing compares. Honestly I can't explain it just go try it.”

  • "Service and environment/experience was great. The cafe had great drink/food options to top off the treatment/session."

  • "We had an awesome meditation with Katie and the staff are great and the cafe has great vibes ~ thank you"

  • "This is the first time ever I scored anyone on perfection. The service was great, Alexandra and all of the practitioners were friendly and informative. The food and drink were amazing. The female employee that opened the cafe, the male employee that made my lunch and Susan who made my lunch for today were great as well."

  • “The facility was very clean and very comfortable. I also got one of the excellent smoothies from the cafe, where the staff members were also very pleasant and helpful."

  • “Personalized service, they really know me from the front desk to the Practitioners to the cafe they treat me like family not just a number.”

  • "My first visit to Nourishing Journey was fabulously wonderful. The staff is quite pleasant and helpful to all entering the center. There are a number of activities to enlighten your spiritual journey. I highly recommend checking it out. Enjoy!"

  • "This was my first time here and I had a warm reception with the professionals that attend to me. It was a wonderful experience, and the place is clean, big and welcoming."

  • Sound for the soul energizes and heals me of things I'm not always aware of. This morning is the first morning in many months that I didn't wake with regrets and shame on my mind."

  • "Nourishing Journey has so many wonderful services for nurturing, healing, nutrition and development. This beautiful space, with great energy, an organic cafe, kindness of staff and practitioners, the layout and decor, to the awesome classes offered and many services provide together all make Nourishing Journey my go to for whole being wellness needs. The owner Jennifer has truly put her heart and soul into making this an amazing center for healing! You often feel a sense of that the very moment you walk in the door here."

  • "I have nothing but great things to say about this establishment. From the moment I walked in to door to the moment I left I was met with smiling faces and impeccable attitudes. I had the wonderful chance to even have a coffee from the cafe which was both extremely satisfying and delicious. I walked out of the office not only feeling more relaxed but having a large urge to return as soon as possible. I do not give out five stars often as I think of myself as quite the critic. But, this time I could not think of one thing that could have made my experience any better!"

  • "I love Nourishing Journey. It is such a special place with such good vibes all around! Great people- both knowledgeable and very personable! I have a new membership there and I'm so happy about it!! :) "

  • "The Nourishing Journey Team is in the business of empowering individuals to engage in their healing journey under Jennifer's vision and leadership. The variety of classes and services can meet the needs of any individual at any point in their life course to broaden new perspectives and maintain quality self care."

  • "It's such a comforting environment that makes you feel welcome and safe. The staff is top notch!!!"

  • "There's always a positive atmosphere at Nourishing Journey and everyone I've encountered there has been friendly and open, contributing to the positive experience."

  • "I just LOVE Nourishing Journey!"

  • "It was something different. Ed also had a good nice sleep. He has difficulty sleeping. Jennifer was extremely nice and we enjoyed our time there. The cafe was excellent too."

  • "I always enjoy whatever service I get here. The place is always clean and quiet and conducive to relaxation. As an added bonus, I love buying tasty snacks from the cafe"

  • "Excellent customer service, friendly staff. Received much valuable information. Private and relaxing. Great that I could shower after services, clean shower and facilities too. Felt great after! Loved staff and service in Cafe. Look forward to coming back!"

  • "The staff was extremely friendly & professional, the environment was very clean yet comforting and the services & food are the best!!! I look forward to returning!"

  • "My visit was wonderful. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the environment is relaxing, and the service excellent. I felt renewed after my appointment!"

  • "Very friendly staff, not to mention knowledgeable and professional too. Plus nice and clean facilities!"

  • "Nourishing Journey provides so many important resources for helping me on my wellness journey, and the smoothies are excellent, too."

  • “I feel instantly relaxed when I come there and my service was great.”

  • "Although the services I've received at Nourishing Journey (floats and a foot bath) were excellent, their biggest asset is their staff. They are all friendly, professional and kind. Their facility is also nice: spotless and soothing."

  • "I am always thrilled with the experiences I have at Nourishing Journeys from Cafe to energy healing to body work. Skilled, caring and connected practitioners. Great menu of services."

  • "I love Jen, her staff, her wonderful establishment and all it offers."

  • "Love this place!! I've had sessions with Christi Dorsey and Christi Wrenn and they were both absolutely wonderful. The cafe is also a nice bonus. Most likely going to get a membership it's that awesome!"

  • "The ambiance was wonderful, the staff was SO very nice and friendly ... even the young ladies who make the food and waited on us, and my massage with Christi was awesome!"

  • "Always a pleasant experience at Nourishing Journey. I wasn’t hesitant at all to come during COVID...they took all necessary precautions to keep me safe! Jennifer is always personable and clearly loves what she does. I would highly recommend them for any of your health needs!! I’ve been patronizing Nourishing Journey for years and appreciate how amazing I feel when I leave."

  • "The environment is just stellar and the cafe is sweet. I love having a smoothie after my massage. I also love that it's family owned and operated too. Very nice! May you have an abundance of success and may the community feel the positive vibes. Peace, love and blessings from above. Thank you. "

  • "The staff at Nourishing Journey are all knowledgeable, easy to talk to and friendly. I’ve had several services here and I’d highly recommended coming here for any holistic, naturalistic services."

  • "I felt the practitioners were very open with their knowledge, willing to share. I felt more like they were speaking to us as friends rather than a patient. I liked that very much."

  • "My entire family loves every visit to Nourishing Journey. My visits for sessions with Jenn Palmer are always excellent. The kindness and compassion of the staff are above and beyond. The cafe staff are professional and helpful when trying something new! All around great place for many needs."

  • "Nourishing Journey lives up to its' name, it completely and lovingly supports you on your journey to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being. I continue to introduce my friends and co-workers."

  • "Love nourishing journey and the cafe is awesome Everyone is very friendly and welcomes you."

  • "I attended Sound for the Soul yesterday evening. I left feeling rejuvenated and grounded. All that no longer served had left me. I plan to come again when my schedule allows. I also enjoyed the energy of the space and of Jen. My favorite part of the session was the rain stick. It touched me that she came around to everyone in the room. Having the sound moving around the room made my experience so much more than had it stayed in the front of the room or in one place. The group energy was positive, which also made the session great. I will absolutely be returning and have already checked out the other services offered. I plan to try reflexology first, though mostly plan on attending Sound for the Soul. I do wish it were offered more frequently. I'm saddened that I won't be able to attend again until April. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

  • "Reiki class was a 10+++, the lovely associates in the kitchen were pleasant and made a delicious sandwich melt perfectly!! I am hooked on them!!"

  • "I had a visitor from Japan. My friend and I did experienced foot detox bath. Owner Jennifer was very kind and caring. She answered our questions and explained where we were detoxing like liver, kidneys and so on. Staff at this wellness center were also friendly. I highly recommend this place!"

  • "Great atmosphere, staff and practitioners. Very happy with both services I've received so far. Also love the cafe and shop!"

  • "The energy healing was an experience like no other!!!! The reading I received meant the world to me. I was just saying a couple of days before the event that wasn't feeling her and wondering why? I wanted to feel her and the connection and was asking if she was proud of me. My grandma was my rock, my everything and when she continued on with her journey, I didn't know what I was going to do. Hearing from her was a healing that I needed. The heart break healing was also something I needed. I thought I had healed from all the headache in my life but after that I felt another level of love and lightness. I am extremely grateful for Jennifer, Kate and Jacob. Such beautiful souls !!! I have continued to feel the energy during my meditations. This will help me with my energy healings."

  • "The environment was perfect, the front desk was personable and kind, and my therapist was ahhmazing!"

  • "Clean spacious facility, attentive practitioner, personalized attention, good availability, wide range of modalities and services offered"

  • "I loved the sound healing... they are very kind and calming environment"

  • "The staff and therapist were very understanding and accommodating to my needs and did an excellent job."

  • "The entire experience was wonderful from Jennifer's greeting right through my cafe order. I believe the person at the cafe was Whitney and she was so nice and even recognized my Detroit Lions t-shirt. What a beautiful place with kind people. I will definitely be back."

  • "I was really impressed with the company. It was very relaxing; the people were friendly. I will go back again."

  • "The staff is awesome. The energy is great. The space is beautiful, clean and has a warm friendly feel. The cafe is full of neat gifts and treats. The owner Jenn is every bit as amazing as the space she has created. Her passion for healing is heart felt."

  • "Welcoming environment, my negative energy was cleared, loved the people I experienced and leaders were knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful."

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