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This scheduling tool is only for Nourishing Journey staff appointments.  Partner Practitioners keep their own schedules and you will need to contact them directly. See our staff list HERE.

GROUPONS: If you are scheduling a Groupon appointment, please do NOT schedule online through this tool.  Call or email us to schedule.  If you schedule online, you won't be able to utilize the voucher and you will pay full price for your appointment.

​MINDBODY ACCOUNT: If you have been in to receive a service from Nourishing Journey staff before, you will be in our system - DO NOT create a new account.  Click the "My Account" link and then "Need New Password?". Put in your email address that we have on file.  From there, you can create/recreate a password for your account.


If you have problems, we may need to reset your account. Please email us to help you.

If you have not been here for services, you will need to create a new account.  Please click on the "My Account" link below to create one.

Please make sure to allow email notifications for appointments.  There is important information we need to send you for your appointments, and we also send you reminders. If you try to book an appointment and do not receive a confirmation email, it is very likely that your appointment did not go through to our schedule. Please give us a call to confirm the appointment you were trying to book. 

​MEMBERS: If you are a scheduling a membership appointment, make sure to select a "Wellness Membership" service.


NON-MEMBERS: If you are not a wellness member, please choose services that are NOT listed under "Wellness Membership".

CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your appointment. Please understand that short notice cancellations or simply not showing up for your appointment greatly impacts our therapists, as they are unable to re-book other clients for your missed appointment time. Whenever possible, please give us at least 24 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment in order to avoid a late cancellation fee of 50% of service fees.

Questions? Call us at 410-992-3001 or email us at  Thank you so much!


Click on name below to see detailed list of services, bio and to get on a practitioner's schedule.


Jennifer Palmer - Advanced energy healing and clearing, detox and wellness consults, PEMF sessions, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna (please schedule colon hydrotherapy, foot bath and sauna sessions with other practitioners, if at all possible)

Melissa Varrone - Colon Hydrotherapy, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna

Christi Dorsey - Colon Hydrotherapy, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna, PEMF sessions

Lorett Chan - Holistic Metamorphosis, reiki, energy healing, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna

Scarlett Davis - Holistic facial, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna

Jessica Ruhl - Massage, prenatal massage, manual lymphatic drainage massage, hot stone massage

Christi Wrenn - Massage, manual lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure, reiki, PEMF, Biolight Laser

Kyle Brooks - Light touch massage, shiatsu, craniosacral

Jacob Palmer - Energy healing, animal healing

Meredith Ventura - Massage, hot stone massage

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