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Testing & Assessments

DNA Tests

We offer a comprehensive suite of genetics-based health management programs designed to help you with weight management, healthy aging, micronutrient absorption and athletic performance.  This test takes 15 minutes.  We can also have the test shipped to you. You will complete a questionnaire given to you upon purchase which then must be returned through email in order to process your results. You will receive the swab kit with a new shipping lab so that you may send your sample to the lab that will provide your results. 

1 program is $299, 2 programs is $449, 3 programs is $549, all 4 programs is $649.

These programs are purchased through Nourishing Journey. Please stop by our reception desk during administrative hours or give us a call in order to purchase.

The available programs are: 

Weight Management

Healthy Aging

Micronutrient Absorption

Athletic Performance

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