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Additional Resources


Emerson Wellevate - 20% off many of the best prescribed brands of supplements all in one place!

Kaerwell Order Image.png

Kaerwell - Have your Pekana, Energetix and Bulletproof products delivered to you! Use code 'palmer'


doTERRA Essential Oils - Pure, high quality essential oils

RedPillLiving square.jpg

Red Pill Living - This is a great site for C60, liposomal vitamins and other detox supplements

Briotech Logo.png

Briotech - This is a great site for non-toxic and safe disinfectant known as hypochlorous acid. Save 10% with code NJSAVE.


Jenn Palmer - Check out all of the classes, events and healing programs on Jenn's website. Everything you need to heal and grow!

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