Medical, Counseling & Coaching

Here at Nourishing Journey, we offer a variety of consultations to address your physical and nutritional needs for better health.  We also offer life coaching to help you on your journey with life path, career, relationships and other areas in need of support and growth.

Integrative Medicine, Medical Cannabis

Our Medical consultations combine Western and alternative approaches to provide the best outcomes for our patients experiencing chronic health concerns.  Our medical doctor provides education and the development of a partnership with the patient to best optimize health and encourage empowerment withing the patient.

Practitioners:  Alice Tsai, M.D.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Our therapist offers effective integrative therapy services that help clients with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, grief and loss, or self-harming behaviors. Working with people from all walks of life and lifestyles, we provide a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Practitioners:  Stacey Rempert, LCSW-C

Detoxification & Wellness/Nutrition Consultation
Natural health stands on the belief that the body will heal itself if given the opportunity.  These consultations involve looking at history, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, exercise and lifestyle habits.  The goal is to meet you where you are, help you create a plan, and to educate you and encourage you on your individual path to holistic wellness.

Practitioners:  Jennifer Palmer and Alice Tsai, M.D.



Healing Activation Program (HAP)
This intensive 12 week program is designed for  those who would like a more individualized plan to see results fast.  We utilize a mind~body~spirit approach with a focus on deep healing for transformation. Choice between two packages: H.A.P. Basic or H.A.P. Prime.

Practitioners:  Jennifer Palmer


Life & Life Purpose Coaching
Wellness is not only a physical state of being — how we feel about ourselves and our lives is part of wellness, too.  Therefore, Nourishing Journey offers a holistic approach to wellness through life coaching.  Life coaches help clients make decisions and lifestyle changes required to achieve and maintain physical wellness.  But they also address their clients’ satisfaction with various facets of their lives – relationships, career, work/life balance, fitness, weight loss, etc — and work with them collaboratively to create a plan of action that results in meaningful change.

Practitioners:  Katie Morton

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