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Medical, Counseling & Coaching

Here at Nourishing Journey, we offer a variety of consultations to address your physical and nutritional needs for better health.  We also offer life coaching to help you on your journey with life path, career, relationships and other areas in need of support and growth.

Functional Medicine, Medical Cannabis

Our Medical consultations embody holistic approaches to provide the best outcomes for our patients experiencing chronic health concerns.  Our medical doctor provides education and the development of a partnership with the patient to best optimize health and encourage empowerment withing the patient.

PractitionersAlice Tsai, M.D.


Wellness/Nutrition Consultation
Natural health stands on the belief that the body will heal itself if given the opportunity.  These consultations involve looking at history, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, exercise and lifestyle habits.  The goal is to meet you where you are, help you create a plan, and to educate you and encourage you on your individual path to holistic wellness.

PractitionersJennifer Palmer

True Cellular Detox Consultation
True Cellular Detox is a very individualized complete detoxification program that can be done remotely, without prescriptions or office visits.  Eligibility for the program requires a trio of subjective and objective tests to establish the baseline toxicity score and whether your symptoms are primarily indicative of heavy metals, biotoxins, and/or general toxins. Once it is determined that the program is right for you, there are three phases to the program to prepare the body, and then detoxify the body and brain.

PractitionersKaran Joy Almond

​​Dental Detox Consultation
Many chronic health concerns stem from previous dental work. This consultation is designed to help you navigate the complexities of detoxifying the body as well as recommendations for who to see as well as how to prepare the body for the work to be done.

PractitionersKaran Joy Almond

Human Design
Human Design is a system that helps you recognize who you are and helps you navigate in this life as yourself. It helps you to realign yourself with your true nature. It encompasses a synthesis of the ancient observational systems such as astrology and kabbalah along with genetics and biochemistry to give you awareness of your strengths and gifts.

PractitionersKaran Joy Almond


Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counseling/Coaching
You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Every experience in life is meant to support you as a soul on this journey.  A spiritual coaching session helps you navigate your life from a spiritual point of view so that you can understand the purpose, growth and gifts from every experience. Intuitive guidance calls in your guides, angels and loved ones to bring higher loving wisdom to support you.


PractitionersJennifer Palmer, Carol Wetherill, Whitney Schrader


Health Coaching

Health Coaching is designed for individuals who wish to improve and optimize their health and wellness through a holistic approach. We will assess the areas for improvement, considering not just food and nutrition but physical activity, stress levels, the quality of your sleep and even your relationships. Other factors are also considered, such as your hobbies/recreational life, general satisfaction, and spiritual beliefs – if this is of importance to you.

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length, and also include email support between sessions and
resources specific to the client’s unique interests/challenges.


Practitioners: Lisa Morrel


Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is typically for individuals who are in the “dating world,” looking to develop a relationship but not meeting with the desired outcome or success. Typically, an individual who may benefit from these services find him/herself falling into similar patterns and would like assistance breaking this frustrating cycle. Together we would identify these patterns, find ways to short-circuit them, and create new ways of relating that ultimately help you to create the relationship you desire.

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length, and also include email support between sessions and
resources specific to the client’s unique interests/challenges.

Practitioners: Lisa Morrel

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