Spiritual Development

Take some time out of your busy day and take a meditation class with one of our many practitioners. Or get involved with one of our yoga classes! Come to a psychic mediumship demonstration. Or learn how to be an energy healer!


There are multiple opportunities every week to attend group meditations.  There are so many ways to meditate!  Find a practitioner and style that matches your needs.
Energy Healing
Attend a group healing, individual healing or even learn how to become a healer yourself!  We have many different types of modalities that we teach here at Nourishing Journey.  Become a part of the solution and help to heal others!
Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Coaching
We all have a direct connection to source, but sometimes we don't feel so connected.  Working with an intuitive or spiritual coach can help you realign with your purpose and highest path as well as help you with a fuller understanding of why certain challenges show up in your life and how to move through and past them.