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Energy Healing

Usui and Karuna® Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  It can have a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit, and can increase the effectiveness of other therapies as well. Reiki revolves around the concept of a practitioner channeling healing energy through their field and into their clients to promote healing in many ways. A session is received fully clothed on a massage table and includes light touch that guides energy to the recipient through intention. 

NJ PractitionersJennifer Palmer, Lorett Chan, Jessica Ruhl, Kyle Brooks, Jacob Palmer, Christi Wrenn, Whitney Schrader

Holistic Metamorphosis®

Holistic Metamorphosis® is an energy healing modality developed by Jennifer Palmer that creates a deep metamorphosis or transformation throughout all levels of being to speed up and assist in the healing and ascension process.  The energy comes from the Oroshom angels and the  Order of Melchizedek to heal, clear, purify, transmute, energize and balance our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual areas of difficulty. This process clears obstacles and fast forwards our ascension process.  Dramatic shifts take place with relative ease much more quickly than typically expected.

NJ PractitionersJennifer Palmer, Lorett Chan, Kyle Brooks, Whitney Schrader

Advanced Energy Healing

These sessions go really deep into what may be causing blocks to your healing and manifestations. Sessions may entail:

  • Various energetic frequencies (Reiki, Angelic, Order of Melchizedek, Galactic)

  • DNA activations

  • Brain & nervous system healing

  • Akashic Records clearing

  • Tree of Life clearing

  • Karma & pattern balancing

  • Spiritual clearing

  • Clearing of limiting beliefs

  • Heal your body, mind and spirit

  • Heal your emotional wounds/traumas

  • Clear your personal/ancestral karma

  • Clear detrimental energies and entities

  • Raise your vibration for your ascension

  • Remove blocks that hold you back

  • Receive messages from your guides

NJ PractitionersJennifer Palmer

Access Consciousness™ Bars

Access Consciousness™ is a set of tools and processes that support you in releasing the programs and belief systems you have taken on from everyone around you.  Access Bars Sessions along with Access Clearing statements are the foundation of Access Consciousness™.  An Access Bars Session involves touching 32 points on the head that hold your experiences through all lifetimes for life areas that include money, sexuality, creativity,  control, body, aging, joy and more.  It is like deleting files in your computer hard drive – removing the programs, limitations, trauma, thoughts and emotions that are still  present and  limiting your life no matter what you have done to heal and undo them…. more easily than you ever thought possible!

NJ PractitionersJennifer Palmer, Lorett Chan

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