Carol Wetherill, LMT

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Quantum Touch, Reiki, Process Acupressure, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Transpersonal education / Coaching, Spiritual direction


Carol Wetherill has been working with people who want to improve their health and well-being for over 25 years. She proceeds from a perspective of wholeness and oneness of body, mind, and Spirit.

She is dedicated to empowering clients to experience more integration and enjoyment in their lives, striving to meet each client’s needs with integrity and excellence. Through years of education and experiential learning, she has developed a gentle approach to working with the whole person to invite and promote pain relief, ease in movement, balance, harmony, and personal growth in their lives.

She offers a variety of services, partnering with people to explore their possibilities and full potential in the role of bodyworker, coach, or spiritual director. The unifying thread in all these professional facets is an innate belief in possibilities, a belief in wellness, wholeness and the integration of body, mind, and Spirit. The approach for each service offers a different focus for wellness and wholeness, and yet addresses the whole being far beyond the specific focus of any one approach. The goal is always one of integration and wellness, the inherent wisdom of the essential Self, and connection to Spirit and all of creation.

She is a forever student, always learning about self, others, and the world around us. Always willing to share what she has learned so others may have experiences that invite possibilities to a fuller awareness of self, more authenticity, more connection, more health and wellness, and joy in life.


Masters of Transpersonal Psychology, ITP; Interfaith Ministry/Spiritual Counseling, TNS, NVIS; Quantum Touch Certified Coaching Practitioner, CCF; Clinical Hypnotherapy, TD. Reflexology, U Therapeutic Massage, BSM


  • Licensed: Massage Therapist Dept. Mental Health and Hygiene of Maryland Certification

  • Soul Lightening Advanced Process Acupressure Board Certified: National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certificate

  • Certified Coaching Federation Member

  • Spiritual Directors International

  • American Psychological Association, Humanistic Psychology, Div. 32,

  • American Massage Therapy

  • Association, Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Awake

  • Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner

S E R V I C E S  O F F E R E D 

  • Process Acupressure

  • Reiki / Crystal Reiki 

  • Quantum Touch 

  • Therapeutic Massage – Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release 

  • Reflexology 

  • Coaching 

  • Spiritual Direction 

  • Mind – Body – Spirit focused education, mentoring 

  • Community Circles

M A K E  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T

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Phone: 301-980-6725

Who Can Benefit?

Clients who are feeling “stuck” or looking to improve their way of being in the world and are open to complimentary integrative therapies and eastern based modalities that address body, mind, and spirit.

Anyone can benefit from releasing restrictions and inviting in new ways of being. Modalities such as massage therapy – Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Myofascial Release (MR) can often address physical limitations that have not been resolved through traditional means PT, exercise, etc. Quantum Touch, Acupressure and Reiki address energy issues that can aid in relaxation of the system and allow for less stress on the body and invite the body’s natural healing ability. Studies show that stress has a major impact on our healing ability, so reducing stress is vital to our well-being. Process acupressure invites a balanced relaxed state of being that allows us to explore our interrelatedness of body, mind, and spirit and how they can have effect on each other. It is not therapy, rather it encourages awareness at a deep reflective level inviting clarity, and balance, and invites self-healing at all levels. Spiritual direction is a partnership that lends itself to deep exploration of one’s connection to the Divine. A transpersonal approach to coaching, lends itself to 2 facets. First it lends itself to greater understanding of oneself, one’s place in the world, and insights into one’s purpose and larger Self. It also has a more practical and direct-oriented approach in that self-awareness is invited AND then moves beyond awareness to the practical steps of using reflection and awareness for practical application toward planning, formulating steps, overcoming challenges and taking action towards one’s goal.