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Christi Wrenn, LMT


Reiki Practitioner, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, PEMF, BioLight and Acupressure.



I recently took a leap of faith. My own transformational client experience of receiving energy healing, bodywork and massage therapy while dealing with physical and emotional traumas gave me the courage to do so. I quit my Accounting job of 10 years and set out on a quest in pursuit of following my hearts passion. I decided to become fully immersed in the art of healing. I am a recent graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute in Silver Spring, MD. In 1999, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maryland. In those 20 years from student life to student life, my journey has been a difficult one. I can say with a heart full of confidence that walking through those adversities led me to this calling. To be a facilitator of healing, and to be in service to others. My healing experiences, my beliefs and my own circle of healing facilitators inspired me to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maryland. I am Foundation Acupressure certified through Soul Lightening. I am Usui Reiki Level II certified practitioner working towards Master certification.


My vision to practice exists to help and serve others who wish to create change, to feel better, and to improve quality of life. Combining a mix of modalities into uniquely tailored client sessions, I seek to assist clients by helping to restore, support and facilitate healing within themselves. I wish to serve those in my community who seek healing on a soul level through mind, body, emotion, and spirit integration. I will work in partnership with clients by supporting their bodies natural functioning to facilitate healing. Together we will create a plan for decreasing stress, encouraging growth in every facet of life, and finding satisfaction in one’s own life purpose. Transforming souls by bringing body, mind, emotion and spirit into one’s soul alignment. I am a facilitator and not a fixer! I will bring energies from the Heavens and from the Earth through my heart and through my hands to promote wellness and a new awareness. I believe that compassionate therapeutic touch and the flow of love from the heart are healing and strengthening. Our bodies know how to heal themselves; and that wisdom comes from within. To empower one’s own inherent wisdom is healing. I ask that you come explore what I have become so passionate about. As my new career in healing is just beginning, I ask that you be patient, understanding and willing to work together. I wish to provide client-centered sessions that allow for safe space where my clients own inner wisdom can bring them to healing, to health and to their own knowing that they are enough. I believe that by integrating mind, body, emotion and spirit we can achieve wholeness, wellness and overall wellbeing.

S E R V I C E S  O F F E R E D 

  • Usui Reiki Practitioner 

  • Swedish Massage 

  • Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Foundation Acupressure

M A K E  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T



  • Nourishing Journey is so good for my soul. Christi is amazing and I love getting sessions with her”

  • “I’m so excited that I had to let you know that since 7 o’clock when I got up this morning, I have no pain. I am so excited. I can’t stand myself. I forgot what it was like to feel good, so maybe whatever we did yesterday (PEMF), maybe that’s working we shall see. Thank you for being there for me. I really appreciate you.♥️”

  • "Christi Wrenn is a great practitioner. I continue to come back for her massages and because it's very easy to make appointments online or communicate via email. Reasonable pricing."

  • "Clean welcoming facility. Christi is a gifted, knowledgeable, compassionate, and talented healer who always listens and knows exactly what my body needs to heal."

  • "Christi is a professional and massage therapist and always asks what I need addressed and she tries her hardest to help me feel better."

  • “Christi is a great masseuse who tailors her massage to your personal needs. They're always on time because they don't over-book. They have a number of options for reducing cost based on how often you want to advantage of their offerings.”

  • "Christi is so intuitive. I always walk away with a sense of peace and balance."

  • "Christi Wrenn is an incredibly talented practitioner. She is so knowledgeable, and I feel safe and comfortable at all times during our sessions. I've struggled finding a massage therapist who can help me with my pain, and Christi is that person for me. I'm so grateful to have found her."

  • "Christi was awesome! I appreciated that she explained everything before she did anything. I liked that I was seen right away and the office wasn't crowded."

  • "The center is calming. The care provided by Christi was phenomenal."

  • "Christi Wrenn is phenomenal and is highly skilled acupressure practitioner and very intuitive! Since I have been seeing her I have experienced more balance in my life, which is the reason I continue to see her bi-monthly for not only acupressure, but other modalities!"

  • "Christi gave the best experience from start to finish."

  • "Christi is the best. Reiki has been a wonderful addition to my mental well being"

  • "Christi Wrenn is amazing, not only are her massages relaxing she is very good at helping to troubleshoot problem areas. I like being able to make appointments online. The staff is very friendly every time I'm in the office."

  • "Masseuse Christi is fabulous! Don’t miss the opportunity to book a session with her. She’s attuned to what your body needs and consults you for immediate feedback re: areas to work on, degree of pressure, physical and medical history. Very professional and client-oriented! Delighted that I found her."

  • "Christi is just amazing! She takes the time to listen and truly understand the root cause of your problem. During the massage she uses different modalities to help relief the tension/pain and also guides you with her beautiful wisdom in watching your emotional/mental state so we understand what causes the triggers/acknowledge it and find a calm balance in dealing with it! I am truly grateful for all you do ! God bless"

  • "Fantastic and friendly staff who are so kind and genuinely seem to care for their clients. I come once a month for acupressure with Christi and feel so refreshed afterwards.

  • "I always have a fabulous session that is very relaxing and calming. Ms. Christi Wrenn has very gifted hands , she is excellent at working through my knots at the shoulders. Thank you Christi!"

  • "Christi’s acupressure skills have really opened me up and help me release anxiety issues I was having in my life"

  • "Christi is my favorite massage therapist. I always feel rejuvenated when I leave and her spirit and energy are always very pleasant and kind."

  • "The aura and experience was great. I really like the staff specially Christy who did my massage. She genuinely cared and was very polite and professional. She made my day "

  • "Christi was great! She listened to my concerns and really took the time to troubleshoot and further massage some foot/leg issues I have been trying to resolve. I look forward to coming back for more massages with her to relax these tendons/muscles. The front receptionist is wonderful to work with - very professional, friendly, speaks clearly and loud enough to hear. She knows what she's doing and can answer any questions. I enjoy the little shop too, nice touch!"

  • "Christi was fabulous. She listened to all my concerns and concentrated on the areas I was having muscle tightness in. She's really helped provide relief where muscle knots were pinching nerves in my calves and hip. I will be sure to follow up again soon."

  • "Facility is inviting, everything was on time, really liked massage done by Christi"

  • "Great atmosphere , awesome massage, Christie was amazing! Attentive, interested, engaging, positive, compassionate, calming, kind, friendly."

  • Christi, who did my massage, was exceptional. Professional and personable and her technique is one of the best”

  • "My experience with Christi was amazing. I had many massages but Christi ranks in the top 5. She explained everything, her vibe was pleasant and she really know how to make you feel comfortable. The environment is calming and relaxing. The heated massage table was an added bonus. Prices are reasonable and location is nice. I will be getting the membership and returning monthly."

  • "Christi was phenomenal. She was knowledgeable about muscle groups and acupressure and respected my privacy. I felt 10 years younger after the session."

  • "Christie was wonderful. She created an atmosphere of open communication, worked through my pain points, and left me feeling vibrantly energized with the right amount of direct and soothing pressure. Thanks for a well spent hour in wellness!"

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