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Jessica Ruhl, LMT


M A K E  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T



Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Metamorphosis® Level 1 Practitioner


Our bodies are being worked on so many levels. The body is amazing in how it heals and restores itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. There are so many ways that massage can help our bodies do its job. Massage not only releases tension and stress, it also boosts lymph flow, releases toxins stored in tissue, improves circulation, stimulates digestive organs, and so much more!


Jessica believes that each person is unique and structures her therapy sessions to fit the individual client’s needs. Jessica is a licensed massage therapist, certified in prenatal massage, and is a Reiki Master. She received her massage therapy training from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, Virginia and became licensed in May 2012. She received her Reiki training and attunement from a private teacher in March 2011. Jessica is trained in Swedish, prenatal, sports and deep tissue masage. In the near future, she plans to expand her skills to include CranioSacral Therapy.


As a child, Jessica used to give her older sister neck and shoulder massages. She has always enjoyed helping others. She loved helping others so much she became a kindergarten teacher and taught for 3 years. Even though she loved working with those young minds, she felt she needed something different. That’s when she received her Reiki training and soon after deciding that she would pursue a career in massage therapy. From there her interest in the alternative medicine field blossomed.

S E R V I C E S  O F F E R E D 

  • Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Swedish Massage 

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

  • Prenatal Massage 

  • Energy Healing – Usui Reiki; Karuna Reiki


  • “Awesome massage from Jessica Ruhl. I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Thanks!”

  • “Jess is always warm, welcoming, professional and really great at her job!! All the staff is very warm and friendly.”

  • "Jessica Ruhl gives an awesome massage and knows how to deal with autistic adults and children by adapting her techniques with what a person can handle sensory wise."

  • "The therapeutic results of my session with Jessica that is always the case. Not only do I relaxed and regenerated by the massage, I recognize the results that make me feel relief and overall improvement."

  • "Jessica Ruhl has always been a light in my life. Now I depend on her even more since my daughter and I have become full time caregivers for my husband who broke his leg. I know that Jess will work out aches and pains from bending and lifting in caregiving. You know that she is an excellent practitioner because her schedule is full for the next 3 or so months. Schedule early and schedule often."

  • "I recently had surgery and didn't get a massage for a couple of months. Today's massage just reminded me of what I had been missing."

  • “Lymphatic Drainage was a wonderful experience!”

  • “Jess gives a great massage!”

  • “Jessica is an amazing therapist. Amazing person- courteous - caring- compassionate.” 

  • "Fantastic massage and great customer service!”

  • “Jessica was excellent!”

  • "Jessica is always so friendly and makes it a comfortable and relaxing environment. Her massages are the best!"

  • "Easy-to-find location, lovely office suite, and Jessica was an excellent masseuse.”

  • “Jessica is a very good massage therapist and is very personable. I really enjoyed my visit.”

  • "Jess is so accommodating for my current condition and as always is the best!!"

  • “Jessica for massage was wonderful and Jennifer is irreplaceable. Definitely going back.”

  • "Jessica is the the best. She always seems to intuitively target the spots that need the most attention."

  • “Swedish massage felt like heaven – thanks Jessica!”

  • “My therapist (Jessica) was the best I’ve ever had. She was very professional, extremely courteous, and very thorough. I left wanting more. I’m interested in obtaining a monthly service plan. It was AWESOME!"

  • "Jessica continues to be the best masseuse I've ever used. Her presence alone is calming, her environment exudes relaxation and her massages outstanding."

  • "Jessica Ruhl is an amazing massage therapist. More than that, she is an amazing person. After I had seen Jessica for a while, with the same acute pain in my hip that physical therapists could not diagnose, Jessica said, "You know, massage may not be able to fix this pain. I recommend that you see (a specific chiropractor). It turns out that my sacrum was twisted away from the rest of my spine. Over the past few months, the chiro has adjusted my body and the physical therapist has used massage and simple exercises to bring my body back into alignment. It's amazing how much easier it is to walk when your sacrum isn't going left and the rest of your spine is going forward! Fantastic diagnosis and recommendation, Jessica!"

  • "Jessica Ruhl is a consummate professional. She relieves so much of the aches and pains in my body. She has even suggested outside services that will finally address the origin of my pain that I have been chasing for over 20 years."

  • "Jessica took extra care to combat some of my muscles that have been aggravated from an injury an subsequent PT! Awesome masseuse!"

  • "My massage therapist, Jessica was very informative and kind and it was clear she was well trained. I really enjoyed my experience and will be back!"

  • "JESS IS THE BEST! She helps me physically, emotionally and spiritually." 

  • "Jessica is great. The best massages I've ever had. She is friendly, clean and professional. I really enjoy my massages and feel like a new person afterwards. Nourishing Journey also has a very nice cafe. The smoothies are delicious. They also have good sandwiches and desserts. I can't recommend Jessica enough."

  • "Jessica is amazing. She has magic fingers and after every lymphatic massage with her I feel better. Each visit brings huge relief to my back and helps me"

  • "Jess is terrific! She's a wonderful masseuse and it's nice to chat with her, too! I look forward to my monthly massages - always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed."

  • "Jessica is excellent and takes the time to understand your needs. Yesterday during the massage I got congested and she worked on relieving that. She intuitive and when getting a massage that's what I need. I really don't want to have to think to orchestrate this relaxing event. Time for me to relinquish the wheel!"

  • "Jessica was awesome! The best massage - I could feel the stress being worked out. I felt so relaxed during and after that I immediately booked another 90 minute massage with her. The place is very inviting and clean. Also, very easy to find."

  • "My daughter has never had a massage before and is only 13. She is an international acrobat and practices 6 days a week. Her back has really been bothering her lately and Jessica was willing to work on her. I was unable to attend this first appt (my older daughter brought my younger). My daughter said Jessica made her feel very comfortable and she felt amazing afterwards! I truly appreciate Jessica for taking the time to work on my daughter and make her feel safe and comfortable!!"

  • "Jessica has magic hands!!! she was thoroughly professional and she sure knows what she is doing. she also gave me tips on what to do and what not to do, definitely recommend this to anyone and I am going back. this is money well spent!"

  • "Jessica is the best masseuse anywhere. I've been seeing her for over 10 years and no one compares to her in skill, kindness and compassion. I leave there feeling like a wet noodle!!"

  • "I think I just experienced the best massage of my life. Jessica was amazing!"

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