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Karan Joy Almond


Oral-systemic Consultant, Certified Cellular and Dental Detox Practitioner, Quantum Living Advocate,  BioResonance, Human Design Guide

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Karan Joy Almond brings a unique skill set to body, mind, soul healing.  She is academically educated in multiple nursing specialties, has apprenticed with Biological Dentists who are comprehensive and, most importantly, possess skill and integrity, and has her own personal healing journey experience in which she moved from disabled and suicidal to able and grateful. 

Karan chooses to forgo licensure that would limit her “Scope of Practice” to a fragmented healing journey, although she is aware that there are times that working with the right Licensed Provider is a valuable and necessary part of the healing journey so Karan will work with your Provider or refer when things are outside of her scope of knowledge and experience.

M A K E  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T

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S E R V I C E S  O F F E R E D  

  • Oral-Systemic Consulting- Education and direction are given on dealing with decay, periodontal disease, amalgam fillings, root canals and options, and post-extraction ischemic bone disease, oral biome, and structural considerations that impact systemic health.  Karan will help you with your pre-post procedure considerations, selection of a dentist, how to ask the right questions to determine if you have chosen the correct dentist to meet your needs and optimizing your outcomes by becoming an informed consumer of dentistry and preparing your body to have the best potential for success!  The oral and systemic body work together and cannot be separated when healing! 

  • Cellular and Dental Detox- Includes a trio of subjective and objective tests that provide you with a toxicity score that indicates whether you are primarily dealing with heavy metals, biotoxins, and/or general toxins. There are two things that run the body.  Chemicals, aka the cells, and electricity, aka the nervous system. Toxins change the cells and thus the organ system’s biochemistry develops progressive “hiccups” that lead to inflammation and organ system dysfunction, impacting multiple organ systems, causing chronic “mystery” illness.  The detox program includes supplements but it’s not simply about a liver cleanse, lymph flush, or gut reset.  Those things are amazing when only dealing with downstream toxins.  However, the upstream toxins that are stored in the fatty tissue, nervous tissue including the brain, and glands are the reason that the results form downstream detoxes are temporary for chronically ill people.  This detox program is the only program that gives a baseline and measurable subjective and objective data regarding progress and whether there are other aspects that need to be addressed, such as gut health.  This program may also include a gut wipe and reset pending the response to detox and leaky gut or autoimmune history. Because we are watching the biochemistry, this program also incorporates neuro-transmitter issues. More simply communicated, Fix The Cells to Get Well!

  • BioResonance- Involves the usage of frequency daily and can send remote balancing frequency for emotional and bodily imbalance. This is an adjunctive to modality that can help identify and correct imbalance.  Ask about a scan!

  • Human Design Guide- Human Design is a unique system that uses exoteric and esoteric principles of biology, genetics, physics, astronomy/astrology, iChing, and Chakra systems to create a blueprint of your unique conscious and subconscious design.  It’s a complex theory and takes 4yrs of study to become an Analyst.  Karan has studied for 3yrs and is a Guide to understanding and living your design which is as unique as a fingerprint.   The core goal of this system is to help you own your authentic self over what the world has told you that you need to be and to unraveling that program that has conditioned every human. It truly is a deconditioning tool and can be a great adjunctive to conflicts of the body, mind, soul as well as understanding you life theme purpose!

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