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6 Reasons Manifestation Isn’t Working and How to Fix it

Whether you are new to the manifestation game or you’ve been working at it for years, we all deal with manifestation failures from time to time. Unfortunately, when you get frustrated or upset by a manifestation failure, your vibration gets further out of alignment, making it even harder to manifest what you want. A common example of this is, if you’re trying to manifest more money and the money isn’t coming, it’s easy to fall into lack mentality by being focused on what you’re lacking. This lack mentality causes a vibration that draws to you similar vibrational life experiences involving lack. Counter to that, when we feel more abundant and we notice and are grateful for what we have, we are more likely to draw more abundance to us. So how do we achieve more reliable manifestation? And how do we deal with the fall out when a manifestation fails and get our vibration back into alignment? First, it helps to understand the various why manifesting doesn’t always work.

6 Obstacles to Manifestation

When manifestations fail, there is likely a good reason. Life isn’t random, and when you put out a prayer or a call to the Universe for what you want, that prayer is received and heard. But it’s not always granted. Let’s explore 6 reasons you might not get what you want.

1. It’s not for your highest good.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow when realize that something we want desperately might not be for our highest good. Take for example the unhealed person who feels a relationship would take all their pain away. In that case, a relationship would not be for that persons’ highest good before they do the healing work. In their unhealed state, their vibration and relationship tendencies would most likely attract a mate who is on their unhealed level, causing even more wounding and setting them back even further from their goal of a fulfilling and happy relationship.

In that case, the Universe (or God or spirit guides) will hold a romantic relationship out of our reach until we do the healing and consciousness work required in order for us to manifest the relationship that will be on the path of the soul’s mission, fueling growth and healing as opposed to causing more harm and trauma.

2. It’s not on the path of your soul’s mission.

Sometimes when we want something, it’s for egotistical reasons rather than soulful reasons. Take for example wanting a certain job because of the big salary and the prestige, when perhaps you are supposed to be serving humanity in a way you are not expecting, where the monetary rewards might not be as fast in coming.

Or maybe you want a particular kind of relationship with a certain kind of person, but it fails to manifest because that relationship would only satisfy egoic desires and it would not be a soulful fit. For example, some people try to manifest the physically attractive bad boy (or girl) or wanting someone with particular qualities the ego is attracted to, rather trying to manifest than the romantic match who would be the most soulfully aligned.

Sometimes there are struggles we need to have and the resulting soul lessons we need to learn before we can manifest what we desire. Our spirit guides are often leading us down a certain soul path, the particulars of which we are often unaware. Our guides know what lessons we agreed to learn when we came to “Earth School” as souls. There are times when a certain manifestation would allow for “spiritual bypassing” and we wouldn’t learn what we need in order to be on the highest path of our soul’s mission, and so that manifestation is held back from us.

All of this to say, this doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want. You can serve humanity AND have money AND have prestige AND have a wonderful soul mate relationship. But perhaps the path is a bit longer and more winding than you were expecting, with the end result being a completely different career or relationship than your ego wanted, expected, and tried to manifest.

3. You are too attached to a particular outcome.

When we are trying to manifest something, it helps to visualize what you want, feel the feelings you think you’ll get from the manifestation, but then let it go. Give it up to God or the Universe and say, “I want this or something better.” Surrendering the outcome and having the attitude of “whatever will be will be” helps us to detach energetically from needing things to go a certain way.

When we are over-attached to a particular manifestation and we place an over-importance on it, feeling as if we will never be completely satisfied, fulfilled, or happy if we don’t get it—that is practically an invitation from the Universe to withhold the manifestation in order to prove that you don’t need whatever it is your ego thinks you need!

When you say “this or better” about a manifestation, and you open up to how and when things happen in your life, you open yourself up to amazing opportunities. There are infinitely wonderful potentials and possibilities, but our imagination doesn’t go that far. We get caught up in the illusion of life, and we don’t understand there could be an up-leveling of our experience of life that is beyond our limited human understanding of how good things could be. When we let go of expectations, we allow the Universe to give us an even greater version of reality than we were expecting.

4. You are being interfered with by spirits on the negative path.

When you are living the positive path of your soul’s mission and attempting to serve others, there are negative entities who will try to take you out of alignment and prevent you from achieving what you came here to achieve. This polarity of service to self (the negative path) vs. service to others (the positive path) is in play for most people on Earth, whether they are aware of it or not. Polarity (positive and negative) is part of the playground of Earth, and you are here to choose which path you would like to be on, and then face the challenges and growth of that path. Jenn and Katie promote the positive path of ascension, as it is part of their soul’s mission to teach people about that path of service to others and to help guide like-minded souls on their journeys.

When trying to manifest anything in life, no matter what your soul’s mission is, it’s important to regularly cleanse and clear the energies of your home and body. Watch this video about How to Create Sacred Space for more tips. You can also connect with energy healers like Jenn and Katie [ email: ] to learn more skills specific to your personal situation and desired manifestations.

5. The energy of other humans can prevent or slow down your manifestations.

Other peoples’ energies and intentions for us can have an effect on what shows up for us in life. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a nefarious interference, but peoples’ thoughts, prayers and intentions can act as a powerful force in our lives, whether we like it or not. Here is an example of how another’s intentions and energies could interfere with your desired manifestation:

Let’s say you understand it’s for your highest good to leave a love relationship that is not the right fit for your soul. You want to manifest a soul mate: a beautiful, loving partnership that you can grow safely within. You understand that your current partner can never fulfill this need, and it’s for the highest good of both of you to end the relationship. However, a friend doesn’t understand this, and prays for the current (crappy) relationship to be healed and restored. This can cause a shift in your current (now slightly less crappy) relationship that makes it harder for you to leave and manifest a better relationship. This can slow down what would have been a neat, natural end to the relationship and make it much more complicated to unwind and detach.

Often when others interfere in such a way, we aren’t even aware of the effect on us and our circumstances. This is a good reminder that when you pray for a particular outcome for yourself or someone else, to add to your prayers: “If it’s for the highest good,” or “This or something better,” to leave room for the Universe to bring positive magic into the lives of those you pray for and yourself. Read on to learn how to clear others’ intentions from your manifestations.

6. Your own thinking (subconscious or conscious) can prevent your manifestations.

When you are doing soul mission work, you are often confronted by situations that are challenging, which can negatively impact your vibration. Plus, whether you are working on your soul’s mission or not, your own misgivings, negative thoughts, and fears can work against you and give you a mixed vibration. Most people have some sort of mixed vibration going on that negatively impacts their ability to ideally manifest.

For example, on the one hand, you might want to plow forward on the path of your soul’s mission. But on the other hand, you might have a fear of being seen or of making a mistake. Many people have both a fear of success and a fear of failure. These can be subtle and you might not even know these thoughts and resulting emotions and vibration are lurking. When you are faced with resistance about doing what you know you should be doing, there is probably some consciousness work and / or healing that needs to be done in order to clear your vibration and make it easier for you to take inspired action, without resistance, on the path of the soul’s mission. Clear vibration and an ability to take regular inspired action towards your goals are necessary to manifesting what you desire.

How Do You Fix Obstacles to Manifestation?

Our physical vibration in our body is what tends to pull different timelines of similar vibration to us that manifest in our physical reality. So the most important element of manifestation, regardless of all other obstacles, is to work on raising the vibration of your mind-body-spirit complex. Continuously do the healing and consciousness work required to bring about a higher vibration and thus better manifestations.

Aside from healing and consciousness work to raise your vibration, it’s important to address the obstacles to manifestation by addressing the concept of the etheric space. These obstacles to manifestation can potentially be repaired by cleansing and clearing your etheric space, which is a quantum space where all manifestations (good, bad, and neutral) vibrationally form before they come into the physical.

Your intentions and previous attempts at manifestation can live in the etheric space as potentials and along various possible timelines. But all of the obstacles we have listed here can also live in that space as well, which can create many timelines, manifestations, and potentials that interfere with what you desire. This is why manifestation can feel like a crap shoot.

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