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Seek the Truth

Jenn and Katie talk about why we should all seek the truth, and reveal the clever ways we all lie to ourselves. Ditch your comfort zone and embrace the truth seeking challenge!

Everybody lies to themselves; it’s a matter of figuring out how often and how damaging this habit can be for you. It’s important to recognize in what ways you lie to yourself and seek the truth. How much can you see through your own lies?

Why Lying to Yourself Is Harmful

When you don’t fully seek the truth in all areas of your life, it stunts your personal and spiritual growth. Lying to yourself also placates your egoic tendencies. If you’re lying to yourself, you don’t have to confront your ego. You can pretend you are always right. This prevents us from solving our problems and resolving our karma. If you can’t see the truth, nothing gets resolved satisfactorily.

Lying to yourself also prevents you from living authentically and being fully on the path of your soul’s mission. It prevents us from fully experiencing awakening and ascension. Even if you’re pretty spiritually advanced, you still probably have areas of your life where you could be living more authentically.

Why We Lie to Ourselves

We often lie to ourselves as a way to mitigate risk when seeking the truth might take us out of our comfort zone. Ego likes to protect itself. There is often pride involved. Maybe you don’t want to admit something to yourself for many reasons, one of which might be that you are afraid to be wrong. Not being accurate might make you feel ashamed.

There is also a fear of looking like an outcast or crazy. We might seek the truth, but then slam the door shut and remain in denial. If we think an emboldened and outspoken portion of the population feels differently, we might fear being a loner or an outcast. There are many issues today that are hot buttons. Unfortunately, some people bury their heads in the sand and deny the truth that is right in front of them because they are afraid of the blow-back if they freely speak and seek the truth.

We also might choose what feels safe. Whether that’s a marriage or other relationships, financial situation, or our reputation, some people are afraid to seek the truth. What if they find something out that then leads them to upend their lives? So they try hard not to face reality. Instead, they remain in conditions that are not ideally aligned with the soul’s highest path.

Humans have all been programmed and indoctrinated to a certain degree, whether that’s by our parents, society, or legacy media. When we see something that’s more in alignment with truth, then we have the choice of whether to keep false programming, or accept the truth. Cognitive dissonance can happen when you hold a belief fiercely, but then a truth comes in that contradicts that. In your discomfort, you might try to explain away the truth.

One example of this might be the programmed idea that a glass of wine per day is healthy. The truth is, there are healthier and safer ways to get antioxidants than today’s mass-produced wines, which are full of chemical additives and mystery ingredients to create a consistent-tasting product across differing grape harvests. Add to that, wine can habit-forming, if not down-right addictive in many people, causing more problems than it’s worth. If you are a wine enthusiast, these ideas could create cognitive dissonance. Wine might feel really good and comforting to you, and so it might be tempting to hold onto that comfort rather than seeking a different truth or perspective about it.

How to Seek the Truth and See Through the Lies

The ego is a shifty thing and it can be hard to see through. A big ego can interfere with positive ascension. Ask yourself, where in your life are you out of alignment with your soul? The soul perspective is a more healed way of seeing things, and it brings you closer to the truth.

Katie channeled this paragraph about the Ego as Light Refractor from one of her guides:

From within, The Soul shines the pure light of Source Energy. Pure clarity / white light shines from within you at all times.

The Master’s ego, in its ascended and only slightly-distorted awareness, may serve as a clear, perfect prism that refracts rainbows of perfect human experience. Peoples’ egos, depending on their levels of conscious awareness and how healed they are, may refract a rose-colored picture of experience, or perhaps at times a brown, muddy, disappointing and dull landscape of perceived experience.

The more healed we are, the clearer and more prism-like the refractive tendencies become. Thus we vibrate in such a way we tend to create a more Heaven-like existence on Earth.

This more idealized experience is formed with unsullied (through the lens of human experience) God particles with perfect Divine potential waiting to be seized and realized in our Divine Power.

What this means is that someone who is very healed experiences the world with a lot more clarity. Someone who is wounded in their perspective is going to be more distorted in how they perceive things. It’s important to continuously work on getting clearer with healing and consciousness. This helps raise your vibration, making you a better manifestor, and improving life for yourself and everyone connected to you.

Triggers as a Path to Truth

When you’re triggered, or you are avoiding a topic, it’s a good time to figure out what you are hiding from yourself. It’s important to challenge your assumptions and beliefs about yourself and others. You might try writing down your limiting beliefs.

Get Spiritual Help

You also might get a growth partner. If there’s someone in your life who is emotionally safe and yet extremely truthful, this person might help you get to the bottom of areas in your life where you are having difficulty finding, understanding, or coming to terms with the truth. If you don’t have someone like that you can work with on a regular basis, you might work with a professional healer or spiritual teacher who can help you seek the truth and do some impactful healing work.

Email info@DivinelyGuided.TV to make an appointment with Jenn or Katie.

Seeking the truth can upend your life. It can be uncomfortable. Doing the right thing is not not necessarily doing the easy thing. Some people would rather be comfortable than live in integrity. But we weren’t born during these challenging times to stay comfortable. It might seem easier to live in denial in the short term, but it’s usually not easier long term. The truth will usually eventually catch up to you and bite you in the butt. So do your best to live into the challenge of being a truth seeker.

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