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Whitney Schrader

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Shaman, Intuitive Empath, Intuitive Chef, Life Coach, Reiki Master & Holistic Metamorphosis practitioner


Whitney Schrader is a Spiritual Warrior of Love. She has the gentleness of a child and the heart of a Warrior that she utilizes to bring total, complete transformation to her clients & every person she encounters.

Whitney’s journey began since the day she was born. Whitney’s lifelong challenges & triumphs of her Journey have been her greatest inspirations & are her areas of expertise she works with her clients with: twin flame & spiritual partnerships, selflove, navigating spiritual awakening, ascension, clairsenses, toxic relationships, prescription medication, lyme disease, chronic fatigue, marijuana, alcohol, codependency, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, abuse, sexual repression & sexuality, intimacy, food, entities, mental health, shame, guilt, fear of self, & money.

In 2017 Whitney had a Near Death Experience & was suddenly wide awake after going through a spontaneous Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening. This event catapulted Whitney into a deep dive into healing herself. Every aspect of Whitney’s life had to surrender to the Phoenix- burning away all that no longer aligned with her highest truths & allow herself to rise from the ashes of old programs, societal conditioning & outdated karmic patterns.


Whitney’s destiny was always to allow her tests to be her testimony & to allow her life to be an inspiration to others & an innovation of a new way of living & existing on Earth as A Human.

She started working with natural herbalism, supplements and homeopathy to heal her chronic lyme disease struggles. She works with the energetic components of disease, pain, pharmaceutical use, and uses nutritional detox methods to heal the entire body, mind, spirit, on all levels emotionally, physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Whitney uses a variety of ancient-futuristic energetic practices that blends Western & Eastern medicines. She is an Intuitive Chef & works to heal through the medicine of food. She is a Shaman, Intuitive Empath, Intuitive Chef, Life Coach, Reiki Master & Holistic Metamorphosis practitioner.

Active imagination, visualization, inner child play, Music, dance, movement & sound are crucial to her own personal healing & the healing sessions she conducts with her clients.

Whitney’s sessions work everything from Ancestral healing, inner child healing, holistic herbal remedies, quantum energy healing, elementals, nature spirits, DANCE, shamanism, & intuitive guidance. She is your personal spiritual cheerleader who provides a safe, comfortable, unconditional loving container to empower you on your journey.

M A K E  A N  A P P O I N T M E N T

Phone: 443-812-0764


Website: About (

S E R V I C E S  O F F E R E D 

  • Distant or In-Person Energy Healing session 

  • Intuitive Card Reading 

  • Group Healing Sessions 

  • Individual/Group Ceremonies 

  • Life Coaching Session 

  • Distant or In-Person Energy Healing session


  • "Whitney is amazing. She is kind and caring, professional and empathetic. And her work is highly effective for me."

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