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Law of One with Actor Kerr Smith

STAR OF TELEVISION & FILM – UFOLOGIST – SPIRITUAL RESEARCHER July 2, 2018 Presentation & Q&A: 7:00 pm (Ticket price is ONLY for presentation & Q&A) Member Tickets $65 (call) | Non-Member Tickets $75 VIP Meet & Greet: 8:30 pm (Ticket price includes presentation & Q&A) Member Tickets $85 (call) | Non-Member Tickets $95 Tickets needed for entry and limited seating available.

Group Discounts available from $10 to $20 off per ticket.

Online Streaming with Zoom only $10- go here Location: Nourishing Journey 8975 Guilford Rd, Suite 170 Columbia, MD 21046 Save on ticket by becoming a member. Kerr Smith is best known for a successful acting career that has spanned two decades. He may be most recognizable for starring in the break-out role of Jack McPhee on the iconic series Dawson's Creek. Kerr appeared in numerous films and TV shows over the last 20 years in the business, including CW's Life Unexpected, Fox’s Justice, NBC’s E-Ring with Benjamin Bratt, and on Aaron Spelling's Charmed with Alyssa Milano. On the feature side, Kerr is known for his leading roles in Lionsgate’s My Bloody Valentine, Screen Gem’s The Forsaken, and James Wong’s Final Destination. He just wrapped recurring arcs on Freeform’s The Fosters and Wisdom of the Crowd on CBS. See Kerr Smith’s Full Film and Television Credits Alongside his fruitful acting career, Kerr has built his understanding as an avid ufology and universal spirituality researcher. He had the realization early in life that there was something more to the world than what we were being told. This lead to a life-long passion to discover the truth of who we really are and where our planet is headed as a whole.

His passion for spiritual growth lead to co-founding TerraLife Wellness, a holistic health and wellness business in order to be of service to others. He has been featured on Coast-to-Coast AM and in other avenues to discuss his ufology research. He is a true believer that extraterrestrials are very much a part of the conscious awakening that is currently taking place on Earth. Kerr Smith is coming to Nourishing Journey at 7:00pm on July 2, 2018 to discuss The Law of One books channeled between 1981-1984 by by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty). Also known as The Ra Material, The Law of One is a series of five philosophical books that were allegedly authored by a non-human intelligence named Ra through the process of channeling. Don Elkins acted as the questioner, Jim McCarty as the scribe, and Carla L. Rueckert as the channel. Ra is a group of extraterrestrial beings that present as one unified consciousness. “The material in the books conveys an elaborate and grand reality. Ultimately described as being called The Law of One or the basic principle that “all is One”, that all “things” that exist are ultimately the same “essence” within many forms and configurations. The philosophy of The Law of One describes the big questions of life: why, how and where everything that exists comes from. As well as its place within the manifest Creation. The five books explore this premise in relation to many aspects of life including: philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, and the ‘paranormal’.” The Law of One ~ Wikipedia Discover and explore what this Universal Law means for you. You don’t want to miss this excursion to get up close and personal with this famous actor to pierce the veil of universal oneness where only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us. 7:00pm: Presentation with Q&A Member: $65 (Call us) Non-Member: $75 Buy Tickets 8:30pm: VIP Meet and Greet (Autograph* & pictures) plus General Presentation Limited VIP tickets available. Member: $85 (Call us) Non-Member: $95 Buy Tickets Save on ticket by becoming a member.

Group Discounts available from $10 to $20 off per ticket. While you’re here, please enjoy nourishing drinks, snacks, and food from our on-site café. Ticket needed for entry and limited seating is available. Get tickets before they sell out!

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