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Fix the Cell to Get Well

True Cellular Detox (TCD) is a complete detoxification program that begins with a 30-day preparation for detox. This preparation phase sets TCD apart from other detox programs because it begins the repair of the cellular damage done by circulating toxins. The cellular preparation will help mitigate detox symptoms during the active detox phases by setting up the processes for toxin elimination. After preparation, TCD actively ushers downstream, or circulating, toxins out of the body. This creates a toxin gradient in which room is made for the last phase, which involves actively pulling upstream toxins from the fatty tissues of the brain, nervous system, and some endocrine glands.

There are two things that run the body; chemicals, aka the cells, and electricity, aka the nervous system. The nervous system is made up of cells, as all organs are. Specialized cells are responsible for the neurotransmitters that determine nervous system function, so we defer to the cell as the root cause of health or disease. A simple motto for this philosophy is Fix the Cell to Get Well!

Most people know all about many valuable supplements and therapies that address downstream toxins which is a way to keep the toxins moving out of the body faster than they are coming in. However, more, and younger, people are experiencing the consequences of a plethora of incoming toxins that cause cellular damage. Toxins cause dysfunction in the cell’s ability to take up and utilize the nutrients and hormones that keep the body healthy and running efficiently.

We have a toxin bucket at birth that is already filling. We know this because over 272 toxins have been found to be present in cord blood of babies in the United States. Pending too many factors to name here, the body cannot handle toxins if they are coming in faster than they are going out. The body is brilliantly designed to be self-cleansing with its detox and elimination pathways. If the cells are able to do their job, we are not very adversely affected by toxins. However, being highly stressed, having unresolved trauma, or suffering an illness or injury when the toxin bucket is almost full can become the one final drop in the bucket that leads to a toxin bucket overflow. This overflow crosses a threshold at which we can develop multi-systemic “mystery symptoms” that, left unaddressed, can lead to an eventual diagnosis. The diagnosis is not the problem. Everything that happened to lead up to the diagnosis is the problem and that is what needs to be addressed. Fix the cell to get well!

One of the issues is that the body will attempt to regulate itself in many ways, even sacrificing things like teeth, in order to maintain homeostasis, or balance, of the major organs. The body will spend the resources, or energy, it has available on whatever is necessary for physical survival. The specialized cells in these organs are responsible for regulating the biochemistry needed to keep us healthy and vital! We have been told that chronic pain, stress, and fatigue are just a normal part of life and aging. This is a suggested lie we tell ourselves, to cope with the fact that we truly do not feel as healthy and vital as we would like, when conventional doctors really do not have much to offer if there is not a diagnosis that the symptoms can be attributed to. We do this because our society is designed in such a way that we are required to push through the discomfort of these symptoms until we hit critical mass and truly cannot function. Do your friends and family know how you feel at the end of your day or, worse, when you get out of bed in the morning? If the answer is “no”, consider the TCD toxicity testing!

Somewhere between the realization that our symptoms have moved in to stay and the point of reaching critical mass, we begin to look for answers. Most people try various prescriptions, herbs/supplements, and therapies. If we do not get lasting relief, we become dependent on putting a symptom relief bandaid on those things and/or we move into the concept of diet and detoxification, both of which have the power to heal many things when done in combination and correctly. However, there is a caveat. Pending the level of toxicity, there may be physical damage that needs to be repaired at the level of the cell. Two structures within the cell that have great impact on our health are the mitochondria, the power station for all biochemical processes in the body, and the nucleus, where DNA holds the genetic switches that turn on the potential for certain diseases. We do not just develop autoimmune or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer because we have the genetic potential. We develop those disease when the cellular processes are dysfunctional, and toxins are the number one cause!!

True Cellular Detox regenerates the cellular membranes, replenishes ATP to restore mitochondrial function, opens detox pathways, re-establishes methylation, and lowers the toxin bucket by removing the downstream and upstream toxins. The downstream toxins are the circulating toxins that are addressed by most detox programs and therapies. However, the cellular function needs to be rebooted and then the upstream toxins need to be pulled out of the adipose tissue and fatty nerve/brain tissue. When the circulating downstream toxins become overwhelming, the body will pack them away as deep accumulated toxins in an effort to protect the major organs. While this is a brilliant short-term solution, if these upstream toxins are not actively removed, the result can be neurological issues ranging from brain fog to cognitive decline, hormonal disruption, weight-loss and leptin resistance, and chronic pain to name a few!

With TCD, we turn on the cells biochemistry so that the body can assist in eliminating the toxins faster than they are coming in and then we address the downstream toxins to make room in the body to begin to pull out the upstream toxins. TCD does it this way to manage the toxin gradient between the up and down streams as a method of mitigating extreme detox symptoms that become too uncomfortable to deal with, causing people to abandon their detox. This happens with highly toxic people who feel awful when they begin to lose weight. Weight loss releases toxins from adipose tissue! The interesting thing is that a proper prep and detox will help normalize weight if the weight gain is related to toxins that are packed away in the fat cells! Amalgam fillings emit a constant mercury vapor that is notoriously packed away in fat tissue because it is so toxic that the organs cannot tolerate much circulating mercury. Whether it gets stored in the adipose tissue or nervous tissue, mercury is a very noxious toxin!

So, how do we know how toxic we are and what kind of toxins we are dealing with? Well, before doing a plethora of expensive tests that may only be altered because cellular biochemistry is altered, we can do an inexpensive trio of subjective and objective tests in order to find the toxin score, which also indicates whether you are primarily dealing heavy metals, biotoxins, and/or general toxins. This TCD Trio of tests is done prior to enrolling in the TCD program and it is repeated at the end of each phase, allowing you to monitor TCD progress and to determine if it is time to move into the next phase. The first phase is the Prep Phase, which is where the cellular repair and biochemical reboot begins. The Body Phase continues the cellular repair and begins to actively bind and dump the downstream toxins. The Brain Phase is a pulsed phase in which one week is opening up the fatty tissues where the deeper accumulated toxins are stored, and the next week is allowing the body to eliminate them. In this way, the body does not become overwhelmed with too many circulating toxins and uncomfortable symptoms. Yes, there are sometimes detox symptoms, but this highly individualized program can be altered to mitigate symptoms and maintain function.

Pending the toxicity level and a few other factors, the minimum time to complete the program is 90 days. However, there are times that a phase will need to be repeated. Each phase is 30 days. TCD is not just about taking supplements. It is about detoxing your life and being able to wake up refreshed and make it through your daily activities without crashing at the end of the day! You may also find that many previous supplements that have not seemed to work will begin to work after the cellular membrane is repaired. For me, it was Vitamin D! My Vitamin D level was 8-11 for 10yrs! After doing TCD, in 2014, my cells were able to take up the Vitamin D I had been taking. What I now understand is that I did not have a Vitamin D problem. I had a cellular membrane problem. Because I was taking 50IU of Vitamin D twice a week, it was actually having a paradoxical effect in which the Vitamin D that was not being utilized was, in fact, contributing to the inflammation it was supposed to be lowering! I was also able to stop hormone replacement!

So, the first step is to learn your toxicity scores to see if you are a candidate for the TCD program. Once enrolled in TCD, you will be given access to an online portal which has everything detox in educational materials and videos to help you boost your success in the program! While there is not a strict diet required, it is strongly suggested that you limit dietary toxins. The portal has much education on a non-toxic diet and how to eat in ways that can potentiate TCD effectiveness. However, TCD will still benefit people who just cannot commit to one more “diet”. If the cells are repaired so that nutrients can be utilized and the gut biome is balanced, then some of the cravings caused by commensal non-beneficial organisms will be mitigated.

Sometimes between these organisms communicating to the brain that we need that chocolate cake and the toxins that are affecting the hunger and satiated hormones, our diet may not always just be about will-power. So, for some people the biochemistry and the gut biome need to be addressed before white-knuckling a diet. As the body begins to experience healthy function, healthier choices become easier. Point is, while some changes to lifestyle is suggested, TCD is not meant to cause stress over having to make a kazillion changes you are not ready to make. Once you feel better and see your progress through the testing, those changes will likely come more naturally! And here is the really cool thing, once the biochemistry is turned back on and the toxin bucket is at a manageable level, we can tolerate some toxins and cheat days and if when we don’t, we will know exactly what to do!

If you are as sick and tired of being sick and tired as I was, True Cellular Detox is where I started to dig my way out of more than a decade of an illness that I was told would be permanent!This program has proven itself to me over and over with family, friends, and clients. If you would like to learn more you can email me, Karan Almond, at

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