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Headaches Anyone?

I used to get headaches regularly. Refusing to cover up the pain by taking medication, even ones that were over the counter, I tolerated each day’s headache until I finished work and could go home and sleep.

Headaches Are a Symptom

Headaches can be a symptom of something mild and simple or maybe serious and complicated. Mine were somewhere in between and somewhat disruptive of my life. I had them regularly for about 30 years before they stopped.

Since headaches are a symptom, finding the underlying cause is what prevents them from re-occurring. For me, some of the factors that seemed to be the most important were accumulated toxins, dehydration, and hormone imbalance.

Go Back to the Basics and Use Therapies That Balance Out Your System

Increasing my water intake was the first thing that helped reduce my headaches. I started to have them less often, reducing them from about four times a week to eventually one to two times a week. Throughout the years, different therapies (getting to the cause) helped reduce them even further to about once a month. Since they did not stop altogether until menopause, I guessed that hormonal imbalance was the last remaining contributor.

I’ve read many accounts of people trying several therapies for various ailments, both traditional medicine and natural therapies, with no help or incomplete help until they tried (fill in the blank). This does not mean that particular remedy was a cure-all, but that it was the right remedy for that particular person at that particular time. No one remedy or therapy is right for everybody or for a specific condition all the time.

Physical or mental stress and strain can cause muscles to tighten up and lead to a headache. Consequently, therapies like chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, massage, and stress reduction are also good at getting to the cause. Energy healing, acupuncture, dietary changes, and internal cleanses/detoxes are also important remedies for healing headaches.

Start Your Journey

If you’d like help determining where to start in your journey to a headache-free life, contact me for a free consult to get you started. If I think my work will help, I’ll let you know and if I think it’s best to start with someone else, I can help you find the right practitioner for you.

Maria Petrucci, DC



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